Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loos like home, tastes like mustard.

New York weather is dissatisfying, today.
I'm a little bit homesick for Topanga Canyon.

Ixone Sabada

Yeah yeah yeah feet yeah yeah yeah.
Honestly, though, Ixone Sabada's new photos are too dirty to put here (certainly not on the pristine interwebz!), or maybe just too small in format.
They're grand though, and up at Witzenhausen Gallery in Chelsea.
Think gettin' it on in a haunted house.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jonathan Viner has a new series of paintings called Harem Girls. It's a bunch of beautiful Russian prostitutes (well, in theory) listening to their headphones. makes you kind of wonder what music you'd listen to if you worked in a Slavic whorehouse to take the edge off.
psssst it should be dubstep!
Anyways, Viner always delivers. The man can do this oil painting stuff in a way that will take your breath away. His other series have been much more conceptual. This is the first he's gotten so IN YOUR FACE. Okay, I only mean that literally. He generally does more complex scenes, and here we just have some close-ups of pretty girls, but they're amazing paintings nonetheless.
(ps-why do all the girls have the same nose piercing?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo 437

Photo 437, originally uploaded by zynsky.

Something oh so lovely came in the mail for me the other day!
It might not be your typical "Greetings from sunny California" postcard, but nature corroding industry in am empty field kind of feels like home.
What can I say?
Check out my dear friend Svetlana Kuzminykh's art. She's pretty legit.