Monday, November 9, 2009

cooking beautiful

yum, originally uploaded by zynsky.

Okay, so sometimes art does not suffice. Sometimes you need something that will hit a couple more sense. So, after doing homework, research, reading, writing, rewrites, etc. for about two days (not done yet!), I figured it was time for to treat my sensedatum.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, with fresh raspberries and cream, and a nice strong coffee.

They appeal to every sense. You can try and argue, but you didn't hear them sizzling in the pan.


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  2. Isn't it weird how what could have easily have been just the ramblings of one man 2000 years ago still affect the lives of so many people today?

    Here you are speaking of pancakes and the pleasures of life on earth and here comes someone out of nowhere and could care less but would rather rattle of about a fantasy book they read as a child. Yes, pancakes, rasberries and coffee are nice- but I'd rather sacrifice it all and dream about the mansion I'll own...when I'm dead. I'll trade you my mansion of tomorrow for a good pancake today.